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At first, I was excited when ASUU went on an indefinite industrial action. I figured I could use a little break. I was exhausted from school work. I decided that the period will be used in finishing online courses and getting internships. However, the pandemic had other plans.

At home, I was happy to see my parents and siblings. I had not seen them since the new year festivities. My siblings were all grown and matured. Home was good. Except for the erratic power supply and lack of data.

Regardless, I began searching for companies and sending resumes. Prior to my return, I had gotten an unpaid Editorial Internship with an online magazine. That singular act opened my eyes to a lot that I would be sharing.

Firstly, it showed how unprepared I was for preferred job roles. The job listings and descriptions I came across had very new roles. Some I had not heard of. There was one I sent an application for. They needed a Community Intern. I didn’t know what the role was at the time. But the point is new professions are springing up every day. From their descriptions, I could determine how prepared or underprepared I was. It made me understand why most Nigerian employers say that graduates were unemployable.

Secondly, I found out that internships were not restricted to just science-related courses. I remember during my orientation in the first year, the Head of Department had said that English and Literature Students do not go for internships. I remember feeling short-changed and thinking that I could have studied English Education instead. How do we practice what we learned in class? Most importantly, how do we get jobs? It’s no news that some internships translated into jobs. Regardless, I had always had it in mind that I would seek out internships. What I didn’t know was that there were now new exciting professions and internships a student with my degree can be involved in.

Thirdly, I thought internships were just a third-year thingy. That’s the time most universities allocated for their students to seek on-hand experience. This is wrong and should be looked into. I remember scrolling through LinkedIn and reading posts from law students- they are mostly the students who maximize LinkedIn about second and third internships. I was stupefied. I thought this was just a one time stuff. Had I known I would have actively searched for one. If it weren’t for my virtual Editorial Internship, I wouldn’t have known that internships can be virtual or remote too.

The fourth realization is that knowing that LinkedIn can be used as your CV. Since I had to send out resumes, I searched the net on how to write one. From there, I came across blog posts like cover letters, maximizing LinkedIn, etc. It was a painful realization. However, I was able to know the missing fields on my resume and what I need to do to fill them. I’ve been able to also make great connections based on the interviews my internship accorded to me.

Finally, I found out that I’ve been blogging wrong. I wasn’t sticking to basic on-page SEO practice. So much for blogging for two years. But hey, that’s what blogging on a free platform doz to you. My blog got self-hosted months ago. Also, I got a Hubspot certification in Content Marketing last year and wasn’t putting in practice what I had learned. This period has given me the opportunity to revamp and perform historical optimization on my previous blog posts.

Nevertheless, there were little wins like creating and publishing a digital magazine for Nigerian University Students. I had fun creating it. This period has shown me how far I had come, how much I have grown, and that more work still has to be done to progress.


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  1. This is an eye opener, one needs to be equipped with necessary skills. The university doesn’t teach everything.

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