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1. You call yourself a sociologist poet. What do you mean by that?

I know some people might find that tag of Sociologist-Poet funny. But the truth is, it is what it is. My style of poetry is a fusion of social reality and poetry. Many of my poems are based on so many experiences and social happenings. The fact that I am into the study of human society and social reality has helped me to see things from different perspectives. The way a sociologist will view the society will be very different from how a layman will view the human society. Thus, the need to employ my sociological antenna in writing poems. As a sociologist, I want to solve social problems and I believe that poetry can be used to solve social problems too. Sociology has theories. Poetry is a theory too. Sociology is linked with Philosophy. Poetry is Philosophy as well.

2. How did you dabble into poetry?

Till today, I still do ask myself whether I found Poetry or it was Poetry who found me. While I can answer the former for now, the latter would be later.

I found poetry when I was in secondary school. In SS1, I used to write motivational quotes that come into my head in a book and keep it in my locker. I write love letters and poems too to girls I like: something they never got to read and they’ll never get to read. I do hide it away from classmates and housemates back then because I felt they’d read it make jest of me. Making jest of each other is our thing.

Then in SS2, our Literature teacher gave us a poetry assignment to write about The School Bell. As the best Art student of my set, I wrote the poem and still had the best rating among my peers. That gave me a boost to write more even though I kept hiding it. It was after High School I went into writing poetry fully. I started from being a Facebook poet. Growth happened, and now I’m writing poetry. Poetry is life. Trust me, Poetry is Oxygen.

3. Which poets do you draw your inspiration from and why?

It would be a lie to tell you I have a favourite poet. One of the many things I do everyday is to go on the internet and read some good poetry. I make sure I do that everyday and it has become a daily routine because these poems I read allow me reflect on certain things too.

So, I draw my inspiration from every good poet or poem I find online and in books. Whatever poem I find good for consumption gives me inspiration. They resonate with me and make me write things. But then, I love Nigerian poets. They are the most creative poets I’ve ever met. I can count only few Foreign poems that can beat contemporary Nigerian poems.

4. In flowers and other names, poppy was my favourite. Which was fun to write?

I’m glad you love Poppy.
In writing that collection, Rose and Cyclamen was fun to right. And that was due to the fact that they gave me difficult time to get them into that state of perfection. I wrote those poems and I was sweating. I made those poems expose love from the point of loss. Rose was Loss on how we grieve over lost loved ones. Cyclamen was Loss on how we feel being heartbroken is the only way to learn about love. These poems resonate with me, and I think with anyone who read them too. Because at one point or the other, we’ve lost someone close to us, and we’ve been heartbroken.

5. What do you do asides poetry?

I like to see poetry as one of the many things I do. I am skilled in so many things. I am a student, I study sociology. I’m into the study of human society and social processes. In the field of writing, besides writing poems, I write stories too. With my knowledge on WordPress, I create and design beautiful blogs and websites for people. I do graphics design too. I make amazing logos for businesses. I do photography. I am a digital publisher, the Editor-in-chief at www.foenixpress.wordpress.com. It might be funny, but I make money. And I do my best too.


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