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I pledge allegiance to myself and the United State of my sexuality.

In my secondary school, the closest thing to sex education after reproduction in biology class was girl’s talk. It was a kind of seminar where some female teachers and an invited guest would give talks on puberty, menstrual hygiene and keeping your primary virginity and a secondary one if you’ve lost the first. The same applied in church. Sex, sexuality and sexual orientation was not aptly discussed. The little explored was taught with shame and fear.

At the University, I realized how biased the information I had was. And yeah, I found out through unpleasant events.

When are we going to understand as individuals, parents, schools or religious institutions that your subjective viewpoints and ethics about sex, sexuality and sexual orientation are yours and not universal? Trying to force or talk of one way would shut down communication and openness between you and your child.

I’ll recommend S.E.X the all – you need to know sexuality guide to get you through your teens and twenties by Heather Corinna for those interested in finding out more. It’s a super helpful book and the information is unbiased.

P.S: Download the book at Anybooks if you’re interested.


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