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Most times, the expressions “Eat to live” and “Live to Eat” are misunderstood. The difference will be known at the end of this article.

1. Know your Body System: All biological processes are aimed at one result which is to constantly regulate and maintain an all-round internal environment. A shift from the normalcy may result in ill-health. Therefore, care must be taken from what enters the mouth to what covers the body (clothes).

2. Routine Exercise: All work and no play makes Jack not only a dull boy but a retarded individual physically, and emotionally.

3. Daily Intake of Nuts, Fruits, Water and Veggies: Ever heard the expression ”An apple a day keeps the doctor away?”

4. Adequate Rest: Wholesome resting helps rejuvenate the body system. It could be in form of sleep, meditation, surfing the internet, watching a movie, engaging in leisure games and reading an interesting piece.

5. Know Your Health Status: Routine medical check-ups could reveal impending ill health which will save time and cost of treatment when severe. Some general medical check-ups include Cholesterol level, Blood sugar level, blood pressure, eye test, HIV status, test for cancers associated with the urinogenital organs in both males and females.

I hope I’ve been able to spell out the doom in the expression “live to eat” with my aforementioned points.

Written by Oluchukwu Blessing

Oluchukwu Blessing is from Anambra State studying Animal Science and Technology at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. She loves reading and proofreading.


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