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The dream of every student is to successfully emerge as the best in every examination taken. So if you want good grades, you work for it! The process of achieving this might not be quite easy but it is definitely possible and this is the motivation one needs to rely on for success.

The beginning of succeeding in any field starts first with a firm decision from you to choose the path of success. Once this decision has a solid foundation, any effort geared towards attaining that supposed height will definitely be reinforced and all-important strategies will be strictly adhered to. So, if you are reading this and you’ve not made a decision to achieve success, you can kindly drop it because the article isn’t for you.

To begin with, I will be recommending some steps to take as proven by different psychologists. These are just steps to take in order that you may confidently walk into you exam halls. I believe that when these steps are faithfully adhered to, there will be oblivious positive changes.

  • INVOLVE GOD: It might sound out of context but that is the sweet bitter truth. When you learn to acknowledge and surrender your helplessness before the one that is all-powerful, then be readily open to receive help from Him. Just sincerely, from your heart, go before Him and pour out your heart to God. Talk to Him as you would your friend because He is actually your friend.
  • YOU HAVE A PART TO PLAY: Most persons go with this mindset that once they’ve prayed to God about an academic issue, then they are rest assured of success in their examination. I want to use this medium to sound it high and loud that this is a wrong mentality. It is very correct to believe that God has already answered your request but how much efforts you sacrifice in seeing that prayers come to pass is the result you will surely get.
  • DON’T BE A LAZY STUDENT: Attending lectures shouldn’t be an issue if indeed you want to prove you aren’t lazy. Some persons feel so relaxed to copy their notes even when they didn’t miss the class. Be the inquisitive type. Don’t be satisfied with the little knowledge you have. Develop a quest to know more. Can I tell you? The zeal to be hardworking is a personal decision developed consciously by that individual. So if you want success, you have no excuse why you should remain at that poor state. Learn how not to blame anybody. Blame yourself.
  • BE FAITHFUL: Faithfulness is not a term to be used just between spouses or between your relationship with God or to a friend. You should also learn to use it with your books. Now, one might ask, what does it mean to be faithful to one’s books? Well, the answer is very simple. It is no longer news that having a personal timetable for all activities including your academics is very good. Well, the effectiveness of that timetable lies in your faithfulness to it. You can quite agree with me that doing this is not at all easy(nothing comes easy in this life), but it is a hundred percent achievable. The possibility of achieving it should always be your watchword. Be diligent in reading your books.
  • DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF: Fear is the greatest limitation of a student. Fear is a mindset. Fear should be totally erased if you want to go very far. By fear, I don’t mean fear of darkness or of ghosts(lol). There is a fear associated with academics and it makes you have limiting mindset that you can achieve this particular height in your academic endeavours. For instance, because of the technicality of a particular course, you might easily resign in your mind that you can never get above C. Yes, the course might be scary and the lecturer even worse, but that doesn’t mean you should ever limit yourself that way and discourage yourself from putting efforts that will push you above that benchmark. Believe you can do it and don’t ever get scared of a course or lecturer. Just put in your efforts. At this juncture, I will like to say that fear is not something you can stop easily like that. You need to seriously pray about it.
  • HAVE AN ACADEMIC MENTOR: It is very rare and even difficult to find someone that will willingly offer himself to put you through in your academics. It is your job as the student to find someone older( not really about age but also experience), wiser and someone who you can easily submit to in order for him to coach you and carefully direct your academic path. As a student, unexpected and surprising issues are sure to arise. These issues might be missing scripts, getting grades below the efforts you put in, bad grades, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues, bad news from family and a host of them. It is this mentor you easily walk up to and talk to him about the surrounding circumstances. He will encourage you where need be, advise you and recommend solutions too. Trust me, these things help a lot. This mentor of yours should also be able to keep you in check and follow up your academic pursuits. These things are very needful.


Orizu Chiamaka Nmesoma studies English Education at Nnamdi Azikiwe University.


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