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It really is a good sign that there are still some people out there who have the interest of the youths and students at heart.

Over the years, the issue of teachers asking their students for sex has been going in our schools; not just in the tertiary institutions but also in secondary and other times in primary schools.

Sometimes, we get to ask ourselves questions like;

  1. Why on earth should a lecturer make sexual advances towards his or her students?
  2. Why should he or she threaten to fail his or her students if they do not give in to lay with them?
  3. Do Lecturers have the right to fail students for rejecting their requests regarding sexual relationships?

These questions above need to be answered by all of us; those within the school environment and those outside it.

And this is where SOFADONDO comes into the picture.

Yes, some of you might not really know what SOFADONDO is all about it what it stands for.

It is a pidgin expression which actually is pronounced as Suffer Don Do.
it’s a slogan that assures the students and youths that really their sufferings are over.

Now, SOFADONDO is a non governmental organizations that campaigns against sex for marks and marks for sex.
This organisation was actually started by a man who is a doctor by profession and is currently based abroad.
His name is “Dr. Obiozor Albert.”

SOFADONDO have many chapters all over Nigeria, especially in the universities.
It is a volunteering agency that requires the help of both students and lecturers to function well because both parties are involved in the whole thing.
Students seduce lecturers for marks and on the other hand, lecturers threaten students for sex in order to award marks to them.

SOFADONDO does not require that their volunteers pay for being a part of the team.
You register for free.
You only have to use your voice to bring salvation to yourself and every other person out there who is passing through some things in the hands of their lecturers.

You just have to contact the organisation who in return offers legal services to help see justice done.

So if you know anybody who was sexually assaulted by any of his or her lecturers, you can contact the organisation.

Written By Okeke Precious Nnenna

Okeke Precious Ozioma is a lover of books and arts. She is studying English Language and Literature at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka She has published some of her works on Tuck magazine, Sub Saharan magazine, Poemify Magazine and WRR.


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